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TEP 24

The Emirates Practice (TEP) have a successful history of working with high net worth and high profile clients who find themselves in need of our very unique services

TEP 24 is a bespoke and extremely discrete service that is quite literally tailored to fit the client’s requirements.

At TEP we work around the clock; each team is comprised of a senior leader and at least two others that work seamlessly to ensure the clients best interests are catered for at all times

It is usual for us to work with people who for many reasons are unable to utilise even the best residential treatment facilities. We have worked around the world bringing treatment to those, who for whatever reason, cannot or prefer not to be exposed as having problems with drugs, alcohol or process addictions (food, shopping, sex, gambling etc).


This is how we succeed at delivering, the perceived, impossible task:

Initial Assessment.

  • Information from loved ones or colleagues.


  • A structured process to introduce the identified person (I.P.) into recovery

10-Day Assessment.

  • A full Assessment of the clients life from childhood through to their current difficulties, carried out by the best therapeutic team in the world,   including full Psychiatric and Psychological support.


Therapeutic program.

  • 3 x 7-10 day private intensive workshops over two or three months.
  • 24/7 on site support and monitoring for as long as is required carried out   by an TEP Sober Companion and Support team.

Legal issues.

  • Access to the best legal advice and the finest Barristers.
  • Full court reporting including blood and urine screening.
  • Clients can be bailed to TEP care while awaiting trial.
  • Full confidentiality with non-disclosure agreements where required.

Close protection service.

  • Carried out by our own in house fully qualified team, in conjunction with our Sober Companion Team.
  • Sober Escort Team.
  • Discrete services to enable all appointments are kept whether they are   red carpet appointments or work/medical ones, again carried out in conjunction with Sober Companion Team.

Medical Assessments.

  • Carried out by our own in house Harley street private practice specialist

Every staff member has been security vetted and trained extensively in the US and UK. Their training covers intervention work, full knowledge of continuum of care, crisis intervention, conflict resolution and most are in personal  recovery and members of various 12 step fellowships.

A few of our many successful outcomes include:

Kuwait – crystal meth addict kidnapped 3-year-old daughter. Daughter recovered safe and well, mother and daughter transported to family property in US, and addict followed and was met at San Diego airport, placed in treatment and is now 2 years clean.

Saudi Arabia – 20 year old with legal high substance abuse issues, including hallucinations with violent tendencies including traumatic entitlement and courageous defiance. He is successfully overcoming his issues.

London/Los Angeles 20 year old arrested in London originally for attempted murder while under the extreme influence of drugs and alcohol. Treatment included a brief stay under section at a world renown facility in Boston. His case involved illegal firearms, death threats to family and to our own team. We removed, with his and his family’s agreement, from his $3m home,  $350k in  vehicles and an extensive gun collection. Toady he is married with a young child and enjoying life sober.

London – Well known celebrity arrested on a flight at Heathrow after relapsing and causing chaos on board during which he claimed to be a Doctor as a medical emergency emerged on board. This gentleman was successfully treated by our team and has returned to directing and acting in films and has recently married.


The Emirates Practice offers a bespoke service tailored to the need of the individual.

Although we accept absolutely that the effects of addiction are similar in the way that they damage those suffering from them and their families, we have a strong belief that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not the most effective route to take when creating an effective pathway to recovery from addiction.

Every individual we work with has a unique story to tell and every individual presents for treatment with a set of highly specific experiences and consequent therapeutic needs. The client may have underlying traumas, co-occurring health issues or a range of multiple addictions – everyone seeking treatment has a very specific set of experiences that have resulted in addictive behaviour.

We work with clients and their families or their employers in an initial pre-treatment assessment to assess precisely how these behaviours have been shaped before going on to lay the foundation for a genuinely personalised treatment journey.


One of the most understandable concerns of people entering treatment for addiction centres on confidentiality. We understand how important this is to our clients and contractually guarantee a completely confidential service.

It is challenging for people suffering from addiction to talk openly to their families and clinicians about their condition without having to worry about who might find out about their experiences.

The Emirates Practice has a clearly defined code of practice regarding confidentiality. We have seen too many people avoid treatment and suffer unnecessarily because of their fear of being ‘found out’. Every member of our team, whether senior clinician or personal trainer has undergone rigorous security checks and is subject to a strict non-disclosure agreement.

Absolute confidentiality is at the core of our ethos.

The Family

An addiction is capable of destroying the family as much as it destroys individuals. We understand how living with an addicted family member is both emotionally devastating and exhausting. Families are torn between how to help the addict and how to avoid being sucked into the addict’s world.

The family can be stretched to breaking point by addiction. It can totally disrupt family life and cause harmful effects that can last a lifetime.

The Emirates Practice provides a bespoke service to help the families of those suffering from behavioral health challenges and trauma based addiction and alcoholism overcome these problems and move towards a healthy recovery. We provide a full range of services tailored to the particular needs of individuals and their families allowing everyone to move forward and to re-establish a life free from the anxiety created by the addicted family member. We are dedicated to working with the entire family and strive tirelessly to facilitate a route to recovery for everyone concerned.

A Bespoke Service

The Emirates Practice tailors its treatment programme and Care Plan to match the specific needs of each of our individual clients.

Our approach is the polar opposite of the standard treatment centre service. The Care Plan we construct is built around our client’s rigorously assessed clinical and lifestyle requirements.

Following the initial assessment we tailor a provisional treatment strategy which, again, gives full consideration to clinical and personal circumstances. On approval we proceed to full assessment following which a unique Care Plan is finally approved and may include:

  •      Clinical Intervention
  •      Trauma Intervention
  •      Transportation
  •      Sober Companions
  •      Legal Services
  •      Recovery Enhancement Programme

Treatment Facilities

The Emirates Practice is allied exclusively with four of the world’s most respected and exclusive treatment facilities.

We have worked closely with each of our partner facilities to ensure that we offer our clients cutting edge treatment modalities in every area of behavioral addiction.